Scramble Custom Academy Kimonos & Rashguards

Scramble offers custom designed, small batch academy kimonos tailored to your dojo. First up, a testimonial from our friend Tom, who generated £2500 in profit using this service.

The Scramble Dojo Gi is a lightweight 350gsm pearl weave top and ripstop pants. 100% cotton.

We will provide high quality mockup images for you to gather sales online. 

20 to 50 units:
£45, plus shipping and VAT
50 units plus:
£40 plus shipping and VAT

In the UK:
Shipping is very cheap, VAT is 20%.
Outside the UK:
Shipping varies and the price is the final price from us, but local taxes may apply when receiving the goods.

The gi will use our Dojo kimono base, and you will be able to add

  • 1 x embroidered arm logo (right arm) up to 9cm wide
  • 1 x embroidered leg logo (left leg) up to 9cm wide

(These two logos will be the same)

  • 1 x heat pressed colour back print (up to 29 x 41cm)

All 3 are included in the price, and variations are not permitted. The example design is an example only, the print can be any shape.

The minimum is 20 units per COLOUR, so if you want black and white kimonos, you need to order 20 of each. If the colour of the customisations (the embroidery and the prints) is the same across both colours then the colours can be combined.

Sizes available (stock dependent) 
A0 to A4 (including T and L sizes) 
F1 to F4

For those who would like to proceed, a deposit of £200 is required.

A turnaround time of approximately 2 weeks is estimated, plus shipping.

If you want to order over 100 units of kimono, we can provide a fully custom gi straight from our factory. Please get in touch if so.

If you would like to proceed, please email

We also do custom no gi equipment, the minimum is 50 units per colour / per style.

The cost is £22 per unit plus shipping and taxes. You can make styles similar to our BASE Shorts, BAKA shorts, BAKA Rashguard (long or short sleeved). We also offer kids and womens sizes.